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Isobel Mahon

Author and playwright

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New Release

Learning To Fly 

    Things are looking pretty grim for kind-hearted stay-at-home mum Lucia. Taken for granted by her ungrateful daughters, talked down to by her glamorous best friend and cheated on by her architect husband, Lucia thinks things couldn't get much worse ...  until she walks out of her delightful suburban home and moves into a dingy flat above the railway tracks. At forty-and-a-bit she's wondering if this is the end of the line. 

    Following a botched attempt to end it all, Lucia realises she's, quite literally, not alone... 

Currently available to order immediately on:

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About Isobel Mahon

I am a writer, actor and psychotherapist, living in Dublin, Ireland with a penchant for meditations on life in the form of short early morning pieces on RTE radio. I've also had six plays produced in Ireland as well as in the UK and the USA.

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